Thursday, September 13, 2007

talk about relaxation

after long week of planning here we are... CWC - Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex.
thanks to my work i was able to get the chance to visit one of the coolest place in our region. the said tourist spot is located just right at the back of the Governor's Office at Cadlan, Pili Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. such a nice sight. though the main reason why we are there is for our works sake, as part of the EIA Team tasked to inspect the said project, we didn't let the opportunity not to have fun while doing our job. together with my 2 co-inspectors we tour around the site and help ourselves indulge and enjoy the view..
it's damn hot but who cares! hell this is CWC.. haha (and of course.. duty calls no whinning allowed.. heheh)
the journey was long but we definitely enjoyed a lot. with no boss around who wouldn't? (LOLs)

what a sight indeed. fresh, so relaxing and it really blowed my mind.. how would i love to learn wakeboarding.. aaarrgghh.. someday i'll be able to do it also.. it will take some effort though.. haha effort from my trainors.
another place i really like is their hotels and villas. simple yet such a beauty.. judge it from the pictures that we've taken.

the next time we visit at that place, i'll make sure i'll do wakeboarding already.
thats one promise i need to do..

till then! ...

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