Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nah Ah... Never.. That's IT..

i've been tag by andianka. Got nothing more to do.. guess, i'll try to answer this things outright and straight. so, to kill my time.. here we go:

never in my whole life will i dare try eat some insects.. aaaahh.. no way!!!

im the type of person who's not so into eating bananas.. i dunno.. (but i guess ill try to eat banana if it will go with ice cream.. banana split anyone?) lols

huwwwwwaaaaaaaaa i really hate bitter melon.. bitter as in!!!!

I don't like assholes, jerks, bitches, know-it-all type of person, totally assuming beings (who thinks they own this whole damn universe), i also hate person's who's so insensitive and most of all i totally dislike persons who plays too innocent but on the inside you'll find the greatest evil off all (not too innocent!!! mind you.. Ebil! Ebil! Ebil!!!!)

when i just don't know what to do anymore, totally lost and left out, feeling simply STUPID! guess that's the worst scenario

TV shows/movies:
nothing in particular am really not much into viewing any tv shows.. movies? transmorphers... hahah

I hate those musics with someone singing their lungs out.. yeah their lungs! god! try using your diapraghm that's one thing i learned from my music class.. ;-)

Household chores:
what i don't enjoy much is washing the dishes. yeah.. very typical.

Thing/s around the world:
nonsense killing.. just that's it..

Thing/s about myself:
right now? i totally hate myself.. i'm too much of a cry baby already.. i just want my old self back!! (old self if you happen to read this can you pls care to go back?) haha now i'm going insane.. tsk tsk tags tags tags..


andianka said...

ahahahha! never never nga... weeeeh! bohol na tyo! yehey!

Anonymous said...

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