Saturday, September 15, 2007

derick dayle

our cute little angel baby dd or sometimes we call him baby pyupa..
i am so proud to be one of his selected few godmother. awhile ago we all welcomed him in our christian world. of course everyone was so happy to have him. finally he is now baptized. the long wait is over the preparation and the outcome is well comendable.
though his arrival was a surprise for everyone, coz we never expected to have a godchild this early. haha really no one could ever tell what the future holds.. (yaba naunahan ka pa ni pogi.. hehe) baby pyupa is the first granchild for both parties. indeed a very lucky child and with a very lucky parents. how i wish things can be just that simple. surprise! surprise!

life has full of surprises.. let's see what happens next.
we love you so much dd.. don't be such a cry baby ok? i promise to be here for you always.. remember the day when you were born i am the first one to hold you right? drink enough millk so you'll grow fast and healthy.. godbless baby..

(i'll promise to post the baptismal pix on my next entry)


andianka/jadiebrat said...

haha! ang saya! welcome to the Christian world derick dayle! galing ng name! :D

Anonymous said...

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