Monday, September 24, 2007


finally.. the moment that we (tere and i)have been waiting for is just a few days away.. there's no backing out. on Thursday evening we will start to have fun and and have a life. i am, yes.. excited. who wouldn't be? a week off from my job? ooh that's something.. and being away with the people i don't want to see is big deal. now that what makes it more exciting and fun..*devilish laugh*

with this coming vacay i will carry with me my wish list, which is:

= have all the stress out of my body
= think things over and hopefully get things right when i go back
= take some things and some people off my mind
= a worthy retreat..
= a happy reunion with a friend
= of course to have FUN
= supah bonding experience

looking forward for this escapade.. thanks for the opportunity! mwah!
to date, the dream vacation is 3 days away.... weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2 comments: said...

naks naman. enjoy! ;)


percybhem said...

thanks po pinoyblogosphere.. thanks for dropping by..

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