Tuesday, November 6, 2007

looking back

on what i've been up to, the past few days. the so called *long weekend*. oh well, let me see.....................

October 29:
barangay elections ALL OVER THE ARCHIPELAGO. i was not that interested to practice my right to vote. oh, what for? and so, i decided to take a rest instead. ('coz you see, we're supposed to report at work. i feel so lazy that's why i chose not to work. i don't care if i wasted a day's salary. haha) i went home and indulge myself to sleep. boo hoo what a relaxing day.. with my whole family.. what more can i ask for?

October 30:
now, i don't have any reason not to go to our office. back to work and get some stuff done. luckily my boss decided to open the office half day only. now that rocks! well, well, well.. to celebrate the long vacation ahead we went out and jam the night away..

October 31:
had a very wonderful night. talk about having too much alcohol on your system that you can't even remember all the details of what had happened. haha not some sign of aging.. nah ah.. liqour ovedose. nice hang-over though..

November 1:
still drunk. good thing my uncle drop by our house. We went to Sorsogon with his motorcycle as our means of transportation.. just imagine the long drive. Whew! It rained and then the sun is up again. Aaarrgghh now that I think caused this not feeling well state of my being. But it’s ok. At least I was able to visit our departed love ones there.. I miss my grandma and grandpa. Bless their souls. The best part here, I was able to feel the sea on my feet again.. wow.. I miss bacon sorsogon already.. I love it.. it’s so nice to see my other grannies.. :-D

November 4:
i cried myself to sleep.. it hurts so bad! As in.. I just want to forgive and forget. That’s all.. though I am badly wounded I’ll try to understand you.. omg I hate myself

November 5:
Back to work.. killing myself with all the pending documents.. talk about cramming..

That’s it for now.. till nxt tym

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