Friday, October 26, 2007


NormanD got this from an online magazine written by Danny Brown

i just want this thing to be kept in my mind:

In any relationship, there are good days and there are bad days. For instance, you might want to do something that your partner is completely opposed to. This is part and parcel of being one half of a couple.

Lack of contact
When you first got together with your other half, you couldn't stop contacting each other.

There’s no talk of the future
One of the most natural and exciting parts of being involved with someone is planning the future together. You’re perfectly content to plan for the holidays, dream about where you want to make your home, and ponder possible names for your kids because it gives you a feeling of safety. These thoughts of the future perpetuate the sentiment that the two of you will always be a loving couple that grows old together.

Lack of effort
Remember how, when you first got together, neither of you could come up with plans quick enough on what to do together.

Fighting dirty
The two of you used to have silly little fights that were only slightly more mature than a school-yard spat. Now you’re engaged in full-on war games in which anything goes.

Fighting quickly
You used to see your partner's little jibes as humorous and you were able to laugh them off.

Fighting publicly
Fighting with your partner is bad enough, but entering a screaming match in public is a definite sign that you’re in a relationship that’s out of control. If you don’t even care who hears or sees the problems that you have, it’s a sure sign that you’ve lost all respect for your partner.

Yearning for independence
It used to be that you wanted to spend every single waking minute with your partner. Now all you want to do is go out with your buddies or even work double overtime just so you don’t have to spend any more time together than is absolutely necessary.

Keeping secrets
The basis of any successful relationship is trust. This means sharing every intimate detail with no lies, no secrets, and no unexpected skeletons. If that suddenly disappears, what’s the point in continuing? If you can’t trust your partner with something your friend told you, or with something that might affect their own situation (either with a friend, family or work) it’s clear you no longer feel you can confide in them and it’s time to pack up and go.

Change in perception
When you look at your love bug all you see are the ugly qualities -- physical or otherwise.

No more sex
We all know how animalistic our sexuality becomes when we enter a new relationship.

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Hello. And Bye.

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