Monday, October 22, 2007

overview of today's schedule

8am to 5pm
- report at the office
- finish some documents
*pawnshop documents for bir to be submitted at the end of the month.
with 25 branches guess i am in a bad shape of having 3 branches down...
- fone calls.. daily routine this isn't new.. how i wish they pay us on time
- update all statement of accounts
- while doing the e-files... chat chat and chat.. ahaha (i love this part)
>>>>lunch date chorva.. weheh
- bank concerns in the afternoon
- organize file folders
- book ticket for manila - cagsawa travel and tours
- client appointment b4 5pm.
- if ever OT again up to 7pm only.
- NIGHT OUT with rommel
*hhmm looking forward for a really lovely night. bad gurls bad gurls! haha

sometimes it's not good for our health to have the usual routine everyday!! ;)

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Ronda said...

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