Thursday, February 7, 2013

Organizing 101

Get Organized with Heloise
Author: Heloise
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0-399-52941-1

Looking for something that can help you have an organized way of life? Well, look no more! Heloise got your back! I am greatly blessed when I came across this book. Bought this one at Booksale for only Php25.00! Yup!! You read it right... Twenty-five Pesos only! Isn't that a lovely price for such a precious item?

This book helped me a lot from organizing my bedroom to organzing my shopping. Who wouldn't want to get organized? By being organized, you are letting yourself have more time to enjoy life. For when everything is where it is supposed to be, life will be smooth sailing and enjoyable. If everything is in place, you have less worry and no more sour days.

One doesn't have to be caught up with a long list of things to do. You can always start with Heloise's 5 minutes/ 5 things. That is one effective way of getting organized. Tried it myself! Now to give you an example.

Here is Heloise's 5 minutes/ 5 things mentioned on this book on Personal Organizing:
In 5 minutes, you can:
-record several personal contacts in an address book
-pay and file a bill
-write a note to a friend
-organize your desk drawer
-sort paperwork
5 things to throw away:
-old directories
-unused or expired coupons
-Credit Card solicitations
-old catalogs and magazines
-receipts you no longer need

See, it's that easy! Piece of cake right? So start organizing now and enjoy life everyday.
For more tips or hints on getting organized, you can also visit Heloise's website at:

Have a clutter free life ahead!!!

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